Faster than music

Faster than music
février 4, 2016 romain

3D print technology is at his best!
Historical constructors have knonw a huge evolution, challengers have appeared and industry mastodons are investing for the next best-seller 3D print machines! So they have more and more powerful machines at accessible prices but we still have nothing interesting to print… Once he has done the first pieces : the iphone case, the little figurine for the shelf, the maker ain’t got nothing else do to!

The offer is getting structured, platforms are created and their contents are qualified. Despite everything, the objects is mostly about decoration, gadgets and even thingies. We think that 3D print can do better than that. PROFIL is a proof that 3D printed pieces have a functional potential. Create your own furniture at home or near it, is the real challenge of this technology.

Of course, we benefit from 3D print advantages with its possibility to create personalized objects. You can change the size, color, material of your object. It is much better to change your iphone case, right ?

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