What does 3D print promise to us?

What does 3D print promise to us?
février 4, 2016 romain

Since 10 years, we assist to the growth of 3D print and developpement of machines that are accessible to public.This increase is due to makers that militate for DIY methods and of course to the internet that gives the possibility to exchange knowledge and share files online.

PROFIL is born from this movement that opens up new horizons. Printing is a technologic revolution as well as an industrial one. The process is just at his beginnings but we can already imagine new ways to produce and to consume. Through PROFIL, we want to give meaning to technology and use it advisely.

Soon we will be able to make a unique piece built just for you, near you, with eco friendly materials and at a very competitive price. This is a revolution to our industrial world, with all its consequences.

We are going to make files travel instead of containers!

Here is the real promess that made you shake, invent and create an intelligent new model, much social and sustainable.

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