Why does PROFIL fit to personal manufacturing?

Why does PROFIL fit to personal manufacturing?
février 4, 2016 romain


Additive manufacturing is macigal! The object is getting create in front of your eyes from nothing, it’s a bluff. The visible facility hides a knowledge in design, conception and manufacturing. PROFIL modules are simple pieces fit to fused deposit modelling. There is no difficulty for parameters set up and they are easily repeatable on an other printer of the market. All of these facts makes it a perfect product for self manufacturing!
Free files…
Makers community…
Fablabs and other manufacturing places….
Pieces are designed in a different way. We can put correct material quantity on the right place, and imbricate pieces…
This manufacturing process is flexible. Built per unit, every piece can have modified parameters (size, color, material…)
PROFIL uses its advantages to offer an extreme personalization. Color and material variety and dilmension parameters are options that give you the opportunity to have an unique PROFIL!

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